Choosing the right Garage Door Opener Repair service means making your life considerably easier on a daily basis.
A garage door opener basically allows you to automatically open your garage door. In turn, that means that you can gain access to your garage with no need to exit your vehicle.

This might seem like a small detail, but actually, it makes a world of difference. For one, it means that when you arrive home and it’s dark, cold or raining, you don’t need to get out and fumble around getting cold and wet. This isn’t just impractical – it can be a health hazard!

At the same time though, it’s one of those small touches that just make your daily commute that little more enjoyable. And that goes a long way.

So how do you choose the best garage door opener?

Drive Types

There are a few different considerations to keep in mind when picking your garage door opener contractor. One is the ‘drive’ – the mechanism used to open the door. Garage Door Repair in Santa Rosa provides quality services at best prices.

On the one hand, you have chain drive garage door openers. These work well with heavy and oversized doors and are generally very powerful. However, they do have a few potential issues – such as occasionally getting caught and potentially making a fair amount of noise.

Screw-drives, on the other hand, use a threaded metal rod which rotates on the spite to lift the door. They require a little more maintenance than several other types, and they can also be quite noisy. That said, they are also among the quickest when it comes to operating and can let you into your garage fast.

Garage Door Opener

Perhaps the most popular option for many is the belt-drive option. These use a rubber belt along a cog. They aren’t terribly suitable for extremely heavy doors, but they’re much quieter than either of the other options.

Whether or not noise is an option is going to depend on numerous factors. What do the neighbors think about the noise? Where is your garage located in relation to your bedrooms? Or in relation to other homes in the neighborhood? Noise may not matter if your family is down the other end of the house and you are detached.

You also need to consider your horsepower – just how powerful the motor is. This will again be based on the size of your garage door.

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