Stained Glass Decor: What Is That

Stained Glass Decor: What Is That

 Many of us may have heard about or even seen quite a few glass art stories. Obviously, you would have found them extremely interesting and even fascinating. These fascinating works of art are made using stained glass decoration pieces. It would be interesting to know more about stained glass, its brief history and the reasons as to why they are considered so very popular and so much in demand.

What is Stained Glass?

Colored glass is referred to as stained glass and it is used as the base material for creating various exquisite artworks out of it. It is believed that stained glass has been there for almost 1000 years and some believe that it could have been used even before. However, in most cases it has been used in churches, mosques and other places of worship. But over the past few centuries many people also have used these special types of class for decorating their house interiors as well as exteriors. Hence it would be interesting to know more about the fascinating world of glass décor using these special types of materials.

The Various Uses of Stained Glasses

The use of stained glass is limited only by one’s imagination and thought process. If you look at some of the fascinating art works and even items and products of daily use, you will be surprised at the versatility as well as the uniqueness that it offers. Let us have a look at the various uses of stained glass because it will help our readers to get a reasonably good insight into it.

Stained Shade Lighting – This certainly is a majestic piece of art work and could make the perfect synergy between the old and the new. It will not only be able to illuminate the room where it is kept but will go a long way in making the entire room classy and sophisticated.

Stained Glass Windows are also becoming common now because they have some obvious advantages and benefits. They help in making the room cooler and at the same time they also ensure that light filters through easily. If you are looking for privacy, you have many reasons to believe that using stained glass for windows would be a great choice. They come in different shades, colors and they are also customizable depending on individual tastes and preferences. They are durable and offer reasonably good value for money and are not too difficult to maintain.

Telephone Booths. Though telephone booths are no longer to be seen commonly, there are a few such classical and ancient booths that feature some of the most amazing and exquisite artworks. These artworks are made from carefully chosen stain glasses of various colors. They are extremely appealing to the eyes. If you look at them from a distance with some fantastic drawing and artworks, you will be simply overpowered by its beauty and appearance.

Another form of stained glass lighting is also becoming quite popular. These special glasses are used to light lamps and lighting systems. The glasses come in different colors and are of different shapes and sizes. The light is placed inside them and when the lights glow, the impact is magical and unforgettable.


There is little doubt that stained glass deco is a big and vast subject and one can really weave magic and poetry making use of it. It comes in different sizes, shapes, colors and also price ranges.