Screw compressors Remeza

Screw compressors Remeza

Screw compressors are special devices designed to create a stream of air or other gas under high pressure. As a rule, they work by analogy with a pump, only, unlike it, they pump air, not water. Great screw compressors can be found here In general, the principle of operation of the compressor is quite simple.

The air compressor, in functionality and design, is of two types – piston and screw

An air screw compressor is considered to be a more technological option, it ensures uninterrupted air supply due to automatic control, protects against the risk of corrosion, moisture and hypothermia of the unit. Modern air compressor is fully automated and can significantly reduce production costs. Screw compressors are particularly popular due to their high degree of reliability and compact size.

They have high efficiency, produce little noise, they do not require constant scheduled repairs. The mechanical part contains reliable parts that do not wear out and can serve for a very long time (valves, piston rings, liners, etc.). The design is a rather complex structure, which comes into action with the help of two rotors, which have special helical teeth, which, respectively, are interconnected. Such a screw compressor, with proper observance of operating rules, can last you 15-25 years, or even more.

As a rule, screw compressors are used in the repair of apartments or cottages. If you planned to improve your living conditions and started digging or redecorating, then a screw compressor for whitewashing the ceiling will be right for you, by the way. With it, you can paint not only the ceiling and walls, but also other, smaller, details. To implement what you have planned, it will be enough to arm yourself with a spray gun and a hose. Such a simple set will help you paint any interior elements. We would like to note that the quality of painting will be much better and higher than using ordinary rollers and brushes. If you use a screw compressor to grind the surface before painting, this will significantly save you time and effort. Also, in addition to home conditions, screw compressors have a wide range of applications in other industries: industrial, construction, medical, food, chemical.

Compressors are versatile equipment that can solve many different problems. You can’t do without such equipment both in construction and in everyday life.

REMEZA screw compressor, belt-driven, occupies most of the sales in different countries

Compared to reciprocating counterparts in terms of performance, a screw compressor has many advantages, despite its significant cost difference. The main principle of operation of a screw compressor differs from that of a piston, in that the intake air is mixed with the compressor small and is not compressed by the pistons by the screws (rotors). On this site you can find for yourself an ideal screw compressor

Oil for the compressor is injected into the air, which is fed into the screw unit, filling the gaps between the lead and driven screws, preventing the screws from sticking and removing excessive heat. Remeza screw compressors are ready to operate continuously continuously 24 hours / day under various operating conditions. Compressed air at the compressor outlet contains oil no more than 3 mg / m³, due to a two-stage oil separation system. Correctly selected Remeza compressor, observing the rules of use, will serve 15-20 years in intensive (24 hours / day) mode without overhaul.You can find these compressors at

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