How much water should a pregnant woman drink

How much water should a pregnant woman drink

Each of us needs 2-2.5 liters of water daily. More precisely, the body’s need for fluid is calculated from a formula that requires 35 grams of water for each kilo of weight. But with the onset of pregnancy, the daily rate may change. In the first trimester, when you are suffering from toxicosis, and you are rapidly losing weight, it is necessary to fill the water shortage. Of course, you will drink as much as your body requires. In this article, we will talk about how much water a pregnant woman drinks.

Water is needed for many chemical reactions and metabolic processes. During pregnancy, it is necessary to increase the blood volume of the expectant mother, to renew amniotic water, to support the blood circulation of the embryo and provide it with nutrients. Water removes toxins from the body and stimulates intestinal function.

But not all liquids are useful

Thus, coffee and freshly brewed tea (not only black, but also green) contains caffeine, which has a tonic effect, which can lead to high blood pressure and palpitations, as well as diuretic action, which aggravates dehydration. Sweet carbonated drinks can disrupt carbohydrate metabolism in a pregnant woman. Herbal decoctions should be used with great care, as allergic reactions and therapeutic effects that are contraindicated during pregnancy may develop.

For example, oregano should not be used throughout pregnancy because it has a stimulating effect on uterine muscles, which can cause a miscarriage. Thus, the best source of liquid is clean drinking water with a proven safe composition. The use of ordinary water is best for the kidneys, cardiovascular and endocrine systems, it is less trapped in the body compared to other fluids. During pregnancy, a woman has a lot of water in her body: 2-2.5 litres of water is intended for the fetus, 1.5-2 litres is amniotic fluid, about a liter of fluid is in the enlarged uterus and the same amount is in the placenta and mammary glands.

How much can I drink after 20 weeks? Doctors have different opinions on this question. Some believe that you should drink as much as you want. Otherwise, the deficit will force the body to leave water in the tissues of the reserve, and swelling cannot be avoided. Others – and most of them advise to reduce the amount of fluid consumed. The fact that the water-salt metabolism of pregnant women is characterized by an increased delay of sodium and water. Liquid accumulation is an important condition for a successful pregnancy. However, excess leads to increased protein breakdown, washout of some vitamins, and overloads the heart and kidneys, which can contribute to swelling.

Specialists who adhere to the second point of view, it is necessary to reduce the amount of water after 20 weeks of pregnancy to 1-1.2 liters. And take into account not only drinks, but also soups, vegetables, fruits, berries. For example, potatoes, consists of water for two thirds and strawberries – for 90 percent. In the last weeks of pregnancy, the water limit is getting tougher. Mothers-to-be are allowed about 800 milliliters of fluid a day. However, if it’s hot outside, you can drink one or two glasses more.
You should also understand that you should only use clean, purified water. To get this water, it is best to use the whole house reverse osmosis water filtration system This way you will have access to the cleanest and healthiest water, which will be an important element for the health of your future child. The quality of water is an important issue that cannot be ignored.