Begur – city of bright colors and Cuban flavor

Begur – city of bright colors and Cuban flavor

This city is enchanting at first sight. Nestled in a picturesque bay, it is amphitheatre descends to the sea – it seems as if this is a small village, where life is not full of events, and architectural beauty is not found. But Begur is ready to impress with pleasant surprises. This is exactly the place in Catalonia where flamenco is loved. The Spaniards live in Cuban homes here. 

The first thing that captures the attention of visitors to this small town is the stunningly beautiful scenery. As if a mountain river, tiled roofs of houses of all shades of red and brown go down to the azure sea, carefully bypassing the majestic hill on which mysterious ancient ruins rise. This bright, unusual picture is a visiting card of the city. Even the sea is not the same as everywhere else. The blue water surface in the sharply curving bay, at the edge of which is located Begur, pierces islands with steep rocks – the only national marine reserve in Catalonia “Medas”.

Looking at Begur from above, where the road leads to its center, one cannot help but notice the ancient buildings, original buildings and bright houses. From the very beginning of acquaintance with the city all this creates inexpressible impressions. If you are looking for a property by the sea, you might also be interested in apartments for sale palma mallorca.

A small town east of Girona

The town is about 35 km east of Girona on the Costa Brava. Its closest neighbours are the northern Mecca of divers from all over Spain, L Estartit, and to the south the former fishing village of Tamariu with its stunning beach. The population of Begur is only about 4 thousand people. They live here leisurely, enjoying every moment of the day. Begur has everything from an abundance of hiking trails with panoramic views of the surrounding area, laid among the fragrant pine, fir and eucalyptus trees, to numerous cafes, restaurants and bars, where you can spend time enjoying delicious food or the local noble wine.

The advantageous location at the crossroads of the highways leading from the depths of the country and from the coastal cities to the north and south, stunning nature, wonderful ecology, an abundance of interesting events, identity and unique flavor – tourists and investors attract many advantages of Begur.

The main architectural sights are St. Peter’s Church in the central square in the Gothic style and the very picturesque ruins that can be seen at the entrance to the city are the remains of an ancient fortress from the 17th century. There are also a lot of interesting buildings in the Old Centre. First of all, these are houses in Cuban style, built by Spaniards returning from Cuba. Cuban flavor has taken root in Begur so much that every year in September it turns into a small Cuba for 3 days. These days it is remembered that time when in the 18th century the city was a starting point for Spaniards who went to Cuba, looking for ways to get rich there and successfully returned with the fortunes that raised the Catalan economy. Together they brought a new culture that has not been forgotten to this day. Its assimilation with Spanish flavour created a unique atmosphere in Begur that no other city in the country could find. 

Slow city

Begur is famous as one of the most harmonious cities in Spain in terms of rhythm of life. It is part of the worldwide movement “Slow City”, founded in Italy and brings together settlements around the world with a population of no more than 50 thousand. As part of this movement, people strive to improve the quality of life by slowing down the pace of life. The city’s philosophy is to abandon fuss and prefer leisurely pursuits, value pleasure over profit and consider people more important than work.