Access Control

Access Control

A garage door opener in Santa Rosa is not just a convenient home-automation feature, it is also a security feature. In other words, it needs to effectively keep people out who you don’t want coming in!

Garage Door Opener

That, in turn, means that it should be able to somehow allow you to identify yourself and only then open. This can work a few ways but very often involves some kind of remote control that will use an IR blaster, Bluetooth, NFC, WiFi, or radio. Choose the type of transmitter you want in order to reduce the likelihood of it not working and you were left sitting on your front drive like a lemon!

Some garage door openers will use a combination of NFC/Bluetooth combined with a pressure pad. This way, the garage door can identify when your car is near and then automatically open up. Keep in mind that this does increase the likelihood of things going wrong and potentially of your car opening for the wrong person.

You should always think as well about how many controls you need, and whether or not you have a backup system for getting in perhaps with a chip and pin. Likewise, it can be useful to have a mechanism for opening the door manually, if the opener should ever become damaged.

Other Considerations

As with any purchase, you may also want to think about additional features, practical considerations, and price.

Is this good value for money? Does it come with a warranty? What are the customer reviews like for Overhead Garage Opener?

Another thing to think about is installation. Is this an easy opener to install? If not, will you need to hire someone to handle it for you? This is important to think about, as it could offset any savings you make by choosing a different opener.

Think as well about any additional features. For instance, does your garage door opener near me have any particular mechanism to keep sound down below what would normally be usual for this type? Likewise, does it have the option to open the door parts -way?

Finally, remember that you might be choosing a garage door at the same time. If the garage is a new installation, then thinking about the opener and the type of doors you want at the same time is a logical way to approach your decision making.

Follow these tips and you’ll be able to roll up to your garage and head in without any need to get out the vehicle. Your home will be more secure, and you’ll even be adding value to your real-estate!